Women cooperatives were specifically developed to empower the women of rural Morocco. The primary goal of these dedicated women is to save and protect the argan forest. The cooperatives are working to achieve their goal by fulfilling three objectives. The first is raising awareness among local populations of the significance of the argan tree and the problems related to the fragility of the argan forest. The second is providing the resources required to organize the traditional production of argan oil. Thirdly, the women are developing avenues of commercialization for argan oil products that will bring awareness to this influential cause.

Fair-trade and sustainable development are the foundation of these initiatives. Through fair-trade the women are guaranteed a competitive salary. This fundamental income propels the social status of the women and the cooperatives allow them to escape the isolation they otherwise face. In addition to their earnings, the women are provided with opportunities for personal growth through education. The cooperatives advance literacy and environmental education programs, teach business skills, and the women actively participate in decision-making processes.

A secondary objective of the cooperatives is for the women to use their knowledge to harvest the argan fruit in an environmentally sound manner. The preservation and regeneration of the argan forest is the focal point during each step of the harvesting process. Each woman contributes to reforestation projects by planting no fewer than 10 new trees each year.

It is estimated that three million people who live in rural areas depend on argan oil for income. Because it has a direct impact on their socioeconomic status, the women take full responsibility of the harvest and production of argan oil.

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100% ORGANIC : Our Argan Oil is USDA and EU (European Union) certified Organic.

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