• Noticeably reduces wrinkles and fine lines and softens the skin.
  • Rich in proteins shown to tighten the skin and protect skin’s elasticity.
  • Promptly regenerates the skin by restarting vital functions of cells to prevent early aging due to external aggressors (sun, bad weather, pollution, stress, tobacco, etc.).
  • Quickly reduces skin irritation and inflammation.
  • Noticeably reduces blemishes and possesses a sebum regulating action for oily skin.
  • Reduces visible scars left by acne or chicken pox.
  • Significantly hydrates the skin by restoring its natural barrier, and neutralizing free radicals.
  • Helps prevent stretch marks caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations.
  • Treats acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • Strengthens brittle nails.
  • Restores remarkable shine to hair, cares for scalp to advance hair growth, and helps to mend split ends.

USDA Organic & Eco-Cert certifications


Our Argan Oil is USDA and EU (European Union) certified Organic.

Pure and natural Argan Oil - Activaroma

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