Brand Story

An active relationship.
Between complementary essential fragrance oils that bring out never before experienced nuances.

The natural connection of these beauty botanicals with your personal chemistry.
A luxurious reawakening of your skin. Your soul.

ACTIVAROMA has discovered the miracle of unifying holistic healing and intimate mood therapy, delivered in signature blends featuring the highest quality Moroccan argan oil.

To you.

activaroma brand story


By reviving the French tradition of blending natural and seductive fragrances, and embodying the ancestral traditions of aromatherapy, I have created an elegant line of all natural skincare: Activaroma.

It is a holistic approach to anti-aging which fuses the connection between beauty and health.

I invite you to indulge in a multi-sensory journey through the world of Activaroma. Skincare that will stimulate and surprise you by enriching your own natural beauty and well-being.

Give yourself the beauty you deserve.

Fabrice Allain - Activaroma founderFabrice Allain

activaroma founder Fabrice Allain

Santa Barbara, CA

From the sun-kissed California Riviera, where the rich agricultural valleys meet coastal mountains and open up to the vast Pacific Ocean, ACTIVAROMA has harnessed the natural elements of this rare geographic region to bring you organically-sourced health and beauty products that bring out your natural vitality.

We welcome you to experience the spirit of Santa Barbara and the true essence of you, in the air, water and earth synergies that come together to create our unique line.

activaroma Santa Barbara

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